Sure, we are a sales agency, but you’ll quickly discover that The Agency Sales Group (TASG) does more than just serve as a cost effective way of selling to an established network of dealers. We operate as an extension of our client’s sales force. We create long-term strategic relationships that maximize our client’s performance by leveraging relationships with our dealer network and applying our expertise to our client’s bottom line.

TASG was created on the simple idea that every manufacturer deserves to be a top priority and receive the best service and support. We are a nimble boutique firm with more than 100 combined years of retail experience and represent over $65,000,000 in annual sales to Walmart. We are more than relationships and processes – our true expertise is creating full-service, responsive and strategic partnerships with our clients. Our extensive offerings include:

• Providing an option with less financial risk than an in-house sales team.
• A faster, seamless route to market within specific industries through our relationships and contacts.
• The ability to manage cash-flow more effectively by only paying on closed business.
• Access to a much broader sales team that can provide analytic services, logistics management, industry trends, etc.