Product Development

We know our clients have defined strategies, a brand direction and know their core-competencies, therefore, our focus is the overall improvement of products. We can focus product by product or across a collection of products to improve their overall chance of not just making it on the shelf, but into the carts of shoppers. We utilize our knowledge of multiple industries to pull best practices from numerous areas to accomplish our goals.

What We Do
Most often, we work directly on specific products and collections, creating top-line value and proficiencies to sustain best practices around a set of core concepts. Our services fall within two categories – Product distinction and development excellence. Product distinction provides our clients with services that substantially improve their current and future product offerings. Development excellence provides our clients with services that help refine products and product lines that meet the needs of customers and retailers based on specific segment research.

  • Market Research. Provide an in-depth look into specific retail mods at various types of retailers (mass, specialty, grocery, drug, etc.)
  • Gap Analysis. Identify key products that are missing on the shelves and provide guidance in product ideas for a specific client/customer.
  • Design-To-Value. Analyze customer insights to deliver attractive products and product collections for the appropriate client/customer.
  • Packaging Ideation. Assist in revising existing packaging, as well as, creating new packaging that is clean, clear and precise. While staying true to the brand, we work make sure the product is portrayed in the most efficient and effective way. Packaging influences the customer’s buying decision, therefore, it’s the most important piece to focus on.
  • New Products. Help clients create unique, ingenious products that fill market gaps and are proven to be missing from a specific category found through market research.
  • Modular Planning. Develop 4-foot and 8-foot modular designs for retail segments, within the category, in order to help drive our recommendations.
  • Presentation Build. Direct the strategy of Walmart line review presentations ensuring there is a consistent theme to support the message and products.
  • Sales Meetings. Lead buyer meetings utilizing product knowledge and product design expertise to conduct a smooth sales presentation.