TASG brings confident leadership and adds validity and efficiency to your business. We have expertise in strengthening the links between manufacturers and retail partners across multiple categories.

Office Products/Stationery

TASG offers nearly a century of office product experience that covers nearly every category in the stationery department. Beyond our extensive knowledge in this area, we also have a large network of contacts across multiple continents. We are able to provide Office Products Manufacturers with the best source of sales and marketing representation throughout the U.S. We can also help in the selection of factories who are experts in the manufacture of stationery products.

Furniture and Home

TASG knows that it takes a true passion and creative eye and understanding of the furniture market to excel and drive sales in this arean. We also understand all the creative and processing elements that go into completing a finished product. TASG helps our clients from the design phase through the manufacturing phase and finally to the retail floor. We have extensive contacts in domestic manufacturing and vast experience in China and Vietnam. If your project involves non-traditional furniture retailers (Mass and Club), we can help.


Our sales and pet consultant teams are simply the best in the industry. We offer superior service to the manufactures who support our product lines. Combining this knowledge with the strategic global relationships we’ve formed over the years gives our clients a competitive edge.


Our team has spent extensive time building relationships in the automotive segment at Walmart and SAM’s Club. Armed with this, we work to get your items in front of the key decision makers. We also have the experience to help improve your offerings to ensure that each meets what the buyer is looking to put on their shelves. We also are now reaching beyond Walmart/SAM’s to retailers throughout the US to help expand our clients reach to increase sales and profits.

Candy and Snacks

TASG has a history of successful representation of manufactures in the food, candy and snack industry. This is a very fast moving segment of any retailer and our team is nimble and aggressive. This section is dominated by the “Big” Brands of the US and our team understands how to navigate these waters because we used to work for big brands and we know how their strategies work. We have a great eye for recognizing potentials in items and highlighting those strengths to each retailer.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is an ever changing category. TASG can help maintain or expand your current space. Or, we can take your new items and work to get them on the shelf. We are extremely aggressive in all retail segments, but even more so in electronics as that is what it takes to be successful.

No matter what your industry focus is, hiring TASG can be a great way to increase your sales. If you are looking for an agency with an established book of business, strong relationships with buyers and the experience to show your line in the best possible light, we are the agency for you! Take advantage of our customer knowledge and buyer insight to take your business to the next level and help expose your products to new markets.